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I'm Giving Up

I'm giving up. No, not homeschooling. 😜 I'm giving up this trap that we all seem to fall into... of making our lives look perfect online. Pretty Instagram posts, bragging about our kids' achievements on FB, writing blog posts that look like life is always put together and photo-worthy. We all know that's not true. We do.  We know that social media is a highlight reel , and bears no resemblance to everyday life. But yet. But yet we all fall prey to the comparisons, the critical thoughts about ourselves (or jealous thoughts of others). So I'm giving up that trying-too-hard, perfectionistic, over-researching, anxiety-ridden way of walking through life and homeschooling. So, I'm giving up perfectionism. Real life: my kitchen table is almost always full of stuff. I have a desk, but it makes my wrists hurt because it's not at the right height. So my laptop is always here, surrounded by bills, paperwork, and last week's science camp supplies. This is a good d