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15 Tasty Ways to Enjoy Leftover Ham

Oh, ham, how I love thee. 💖 We eat the traditional foods on holidays over here. At Easter, dinner is ham and scalloped potatoes. I just love this meal! We usually add in green beans, rolls, and last year I did a tropical fruit salad, too. Sometimes we change up the sides a little bit, and I have been honing my scalloped potato recipe over the past five years. I'll share that in a future blog post! But the ham? It's non-negotiable. I'm a big fan of making too much food on holidays . Easter cooking is a lot of work, and I want to be able to eat for at least a couple of days from all those hours in the kitchen! So I get a big, big ham. This year, with the quarantine, I didn't have to go quite so big since it's just my husband, my daughter, and I (and she doesn't eat ham... silly child). But we'll still have plenty of leftovers, and I went searching for some delicious and different ways to use them. By the way: if your family doesn't want to eat