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Cinco de Mayo Homeschool Fun

One of the things I love the most about homeschooling is the ability to learn about and celebrate other cultures in a playful way. Every month, you can find unique holidays to celebrate and explore as part of your homeschool. Creating mini-celebrations can infuse your weeks with joy and create amazing memories for you and your kids. Today, I've put together some fun ideas for learning and celebrating Cinco de Mayo in your homeschool . Let's Get Colorful! Bright, colorful decorations can set the stage for your Cinco de Mayo homeschool celebration! Here is a video on how to make papel picado banners with tissue paper and string! I also love these beautiful Papel Picado Banners from Honestly Yum  that are so simple to make with crepe paper streamers! What a clever idea. Drape them, criss-cross, over your walls for a beautiful Cinco de Mayo backdrop. And here is a tutorial about making giant tissue paper flowers (sometimes called fiesta flowers)! SO PRETTY!