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Dear Mama Thinking About Homeschooling

Dear mama thinking about homeschooling, The daily grind is tiring isn't it?  Pulling grouchy kiddos out of bed. Trying to make it out the door on time. Schedules, events, fundraisers. Being the Homework Enforcer. Bedtimes coming so early. Or even worse: kids struggling in school. Watching the joy leave their eyes. Fighting for services, meetings. Bullying. Simply put? It doesn't have to be that way. Hear me out. If your bright, beautiful kids are struggling to make school work, if your family is constantly rushed and you lay in bed at night thinking about how the time is going SO fast, if you wish there were more space for joyful moments and connections... take a minute or two and read on. I know it's a big leap. There is another way. You could keep them home. Yes, YOU could homeschool. Really, you could. Instead of spring break, this year you could just... be on break for good. You could celebrate by staying in your pajamas and eating ice cream fo